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Botox: With So Many Brands, What’s Right for You?

Botox - How to Choose

Botox: With So Many Brands, What’s Right for You?

Written by Dr. William Greenberg MD and Katherine Henderson

When we think of cosmetic wrinkle injections there’s one name that immediately comes to mind – Botox™. What you might not know is that today, there are actually four brands of so-called “Botox”, with a fifth just approved by the FDA.

“Botox” is the brand name for the first cosmetic wrinkle injection on the market – and much like “Kleenex” for facial tissues and “Band-Aid” for adhesive bandages, the term “Botox” has become synonymous with wrinkle injections in general. But at Youtherapy Medspa, we offer all four of the major brands. 

What are the Different Types of Botox?

We of course have Botox™ – the original, that is, and still the #1 wrinkle injection in the world. But we also offer Jeuveau™, Dysport™ and Xeomin™.All of these injections work the same way – by preventing the muscles in the forehead, crow’s feet, from contracting and forming wrinkles, which gives a more youthful, more awake look.

We can also use these formulations in many other areas as required.  All of these brands work very well, and most patients receiving similar dosages of different brands wouldn’t see any difference in their results. But there are slight differences that we take into account as well, as there are different diffusion characteristics, preservatives and additives used. For example, one of these treatments may work faster in a certain patient than one from another brand. Dysport™ is not appropriate for use in patients with dairy allergies. And Xeomin lacks complexing proteins making it the “purest” and also the only toxin not requiring refrigeration.

We might switch a patient from one brand to another for a few different reasons. If a patient gets headaches from a certain injection, switching to another (especially to Xeomin, since it has no preservatives) will frequently eliminate this side effect. Or if a patient sees that they are not getting the same longevity as they previously saw with a certain brand, we may switch to another.

How to Choose the Botox That’s Right for You

The important thing to know is that all of these treatments can work well when injected expertly and in the right dosages. I have found that many patients will complain that previous treatments at other practices don’t last, and more often than not I find this to be true because they found a “deal” for a lower price. Most often they will return to us as they didn’t love their results, and when I see them, I explain that if a deal seems too good to be true it’s probably not a good deal at all, and that in many cases they didn’t receive the proper dose and concentration of these products, affecting the results and longevity of the treatment.

The bottom line is that at Youtherapy Medspa, we will ensure, based upon what you are trying to achieve, your past experiences, individual characteristics, and history, that you receive the best product possible for you to get the longest lasting, most natural looking results. For more information and a free consultation, contact our Manhattan or Westchester spas.

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