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Emsculpt Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? Youtherapy has the answers!

Here are some common queries many of our customers everywhere throughout Manhattan and Westchester have had before embarking on an EmSculpt treatment. If you have others, feel free to call our offices and we’ll be happy to address them for you.

What does Emsculpt feel like?

During the 30-minute Emsculpt procedure, patients typically feel non-painful tightened muscle contractions. There are no incisions or injections involved and no gels or liquids are used. The device can be placed over clothing and/or directly in contact with the skin. Once the treatment is started, over the first 5-10 minutes the intensity of the treatment is gradually increased to 100% and will stay the same for the remainder of the treatment. Throughout the session, expect changes in phases from more intense to less intense to allow for a comfortable session, which imitates normal workout cycle.

What results can I expect from Emsculpt?

Emsculpt works best when it is performed as a series of treatments spaced a few days apart from each other. Most patients benefit from four sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart over the course of two weeks. Results develop gradually as the body processes the treatment.

Can results be seen in one treatment?

The patient will feel and see a tighter, more lean appearance of the targeted area immediately after the first session, but the recommended treatment plan consists of four 30-minute sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart over a span of two weeks. There is no recovery period or downtime, and you can immediately resume your normal activities. The following day, you may experience muscle soreness similar to what you would feel after an intense workout.

Who is a candidate for Emsculpt?

Emsculpt cannot be used for just anyone with a desire for a leaner silhouette. The ideal candidate should be at or near their ideal weight. A BMI under 25 is necessary for results to be optimal. Additional restrictions would be anyone who is pregnant, wears a pacemaker, or has a metal mesh or medical hardware anywhere in the treatment area.

Are the results permanent?

Results are permanent if – and only if — you continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet and engage in regular exercise. You need to work at keeping those newly toned muscles tight and maintaining your weight. Follow-up treatment after six months for one session is sometimes necessary, but we will always check in with you to make sure you love your results.

How much does Emsculpt cost at Youtherapy?

Emsculpt requires 4 treatments performed in the span of a 2-week period. Thus, Youtherapy offers a discounted package for our clients’ benefit. For more information on if Emsculpt is right for you, make an appointment at one of our offices today.


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