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Dr. William Greenberg

Owner of Youtherapy

World-renowned cosmetic physician Dr. William Greenberg is founder of Youtherapy Medical Spa, in addition to the Youtherapy MD medical-grade cosmeceutical skincare line. Featured on CBS’ The Couch, Channel 11 News, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, CNBC, The Best of Westchester, Social Life Magazine, Time Out NY, and more. Dr. Greenberg is New York’s Go-To Doctor when it comes to wanting to look and feel your youngest with the comfort of cutting-edge technology – minus the incision.

A vision brought to life

Dr. Greenberg envisioned a medspa enhanced by the benefits of combining medicine and science, only offering treatments he wholeheartedly believed in. He recognized this dream by opening his first practice, Skin Thera P, on East 81st street back in 2003; his goal? A place where luxury treatments meet technology and science in a comfortable and medically driven setting. The combination of medicine and science enables him to reverse the signs of aging by lifting, resurfacing the skin and improving the foundation of it, along with other medspa  treatments with the utmost, modern. FDA-approved technologies today.

Dedicated to helping patients discover that they no longer have to live with bothersome imperfections brought on by aging, Dr. Greenberg made his services more widely available by opening a second Youtherapy office in Scarsdale, New York.


Dr. Greenberg plays an integral role in making Youtherapy an innovative and unique destination for those seeking the best in medically supervised skincare. Providing 25+ years of medical expreine and his expertise in assessing and implementing the newest state-of-the-art technologies to improve the practice of medicine. Dr. Greenberg has been celebrated throughout New York as a primary Cosmetic Specialist – not only for his medical skills, but also because he has an eye, imagination, and compassion that stands him out from the rest.


After years of watching his clients come to him using over-the-counter, not biologically available products that offered no results, Dr. Greenberg was driven to design and formulate a cutting-edge, science-based cosmeceutical line called Youtherapy MD with active biologic ingredients, with patented delivery systems. From stem cells, peptides, penetrating lipids, antioxidants, concentrated acids, and more, these products have a direct clinical effect on the quality and texture of the skin. Over-the-counter and drugstore remedies only get you so far. When you’re ready for true quality and dramatic results, it’s time for Youtherapy MD. With real science and clinically proven technology, the Youtherapy MD line takes the best of the pharmaceutical world and synergizes it with the most potent enzymes, antioxidants and more. Dr. Greenberg’s product line leverages the best attributes of Eastern and Western medicine to deliver best-in-class results.


Our high-tech skincare line delivers flawless, ageless-looking skin in minimal time – just what you have always been looking for. Medical-grade skincare products differ from those found at your local drugstore because they are held to a higher quality standard, are backed by scientific evidence, and contain patented blends of recovery and growth compounds that are formulated to effectively rejuvenate the skin.


1983 – Receives degree in engineering from Tufts University, Massachusetts.


1987 – Receives medical degree from New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY.


1988 – Post-graduate training at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, New York.


2003 – Opens first medical spa in New York City.


2012 – Opens second medical spa in Scarsdale, New York.


2015 – Launches Youtherapy, a modern rebrand of his original mission statement.

Shirin Kohanim, FNP

Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and AAFE Provider

Shirin combines artistry, expertise, & compassion

Shirin Kohanim, FNP, is a seasoned healthcare professional with a passion for aesthetic medicine and helping her patients feel their absolute best. Personally trained by Dr Greenberg, Shirin excels in cutting-edge facial balancing and injection techniques. Her approach to aesthetics emphasizes natural-looking results that refresh and rejuvenate without appearing overdone. In our practice, Shirin combines artistry, expertise, and compassion to formulate customized care plans that achieve the best possible results for you.

Shirin is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and AAFE provider. She began her career in the surgical unit of Good Samaritan Hospital in 2014 and has been practicing aesthetic and injectable medicine since 2021. She joined Youtherapy in 2022.

Shirin Kohanim, FNP

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