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Dark Circles



Let’s face it — even when you are tired, you don’t want to look tired. Dark circles become visible when the lower eyelid skin is thin enough that it becomes translucent. At Youtherapy Medspa, we provide solutions to instantly add volume below the eyes to fill out the eye hollows that occur when the tear trough is very prominent and casts a shadow in the under-eye area.


The skin beneath our eyes is thinner and more delicate than anywhere else on the face. While this is true for all of us, some people’s under eye area is more vulnerable to developing dark circles than others. The specific causes for under eye circles vary, but here are a few:


  • Those with thin skin (by way of genetics or collagen loss) are more likely to have dark circles caused by visible veins beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Congestion brought on by seasonal allergies causes blood to pool in the capillaries, resulting in dark, puffy circles beneath the eyes.
  • Bulging fat pads below the eyes can also contribute to dark circles. Fillers can also be used to help this area and make the dark circles and hollowness less noticeable.
  • Some people naturally produce more pigment around the eye area, and those who spend a lot of time in the sun may have increased melanin content around the eyes as well. Hyperpigmentation can cause the appearance of dark circles, however that is not treatable with dermal fillers.

Recovery and Results

At Youtherapy Medspa, our expert injectors analyze the area of concern and provide a treatment plan, which may include a combination of dermal fillers, other medical injectables and facial treatments – this varies depending on the patient.


After receiving a treatment to reduce the appearance of dark circles or a hollow undereye area, your eyes may feel tender. Icing the area as well as taking Arnica tablets or applying Arnica cream to the treatment area may help reduce any discomfort and minimize inflammation should it happen post-injection. You can return to work and exercise after a few hours. Final results are achieved after about 1-2 weeks and can last up to a year or more, depending on the treatment.


To find a solution for your dark circles, make an appointment with one of expert injectors today.


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